The Famous Shoe-On-Fire Photo

The Famous Shoe-On-Fire Photo
One day at the Beale apartment, Chuck decided it was funny to light his shoe sole on fire.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chuck's Letters from College: Letter #3 The Grand Daddy of Them All!

The third in my series of Chuck's letters to me from UVa has about it the stuff of legend. The drawing of a disappointed Ralph Sampson, the profane antics of Mr and Mrs Filing Cabinet, more spider torture and a movie sequence idea are easily his most memorable work in the epistlelary form. Er, um. I 've added below the front and back of the letters as complete documents, the envelope's front and back, and close-ups of the hilarious components for easier viewing.

Chuck got sick of hearing about UVa basketball star, Ralph Sampson. 

Don't know what brought this on, but the juvenile profanity is still funny to me
Again with the spider torture
the phrase "so's that I may have a smoke" is comedy gold
Shit McCoy, a janitor I believe, was my creation. How was this allowed through the US mail?
A Most Obnoxious Envelope. I love this drawing. Wish I had wallpaper made from it.
Complete Front Side of Letter
Complete Back Side of Letter

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