The Famous Shoe-On-Fire Photo

The Famous Shoe-On-Fire Photo
One day at the Beale apartment, Chuck decided it was funny to light his shoe sole on fire.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

You Only Saw the Drum, Man

This blog's last entry for 2012--a year that has seen a resurgence in entries--I'd like to end with something Chuck found particularly funny.

He and I were interested in anything by the Beatles we could get our hands on. Through some long gone mail-order business I purchased a few cassettes of Beatles gigs. These days every known gig is online in some form, all still quasi-illegal. Many are cleaned up considerably from the cassette era (you could hardly think of a worse media for long term storage than a cassette tape) by would-be sound engineers some of whom actually know what they are doing.

I came across a digitized copy of one of the shows Chuck and I loved and, of course, downloaded it for free. All the Beatles gigs in the States were sponsored somehow by local radio, though not broadcast by them (or we'd have better-sounding bootlegs). Chuck couldn't get enough of this one wise-cracking, psycho dj from Houston who, like many MCs found himself simply trying to keep order. This guy gets really carried away. He screams at the crowd and berates them for yelling when "you only saw the drum, man." That line was comedy gold for Chuck.

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