The Famous Shoe-On-Fire Photo

The Famous Shoe-On-Fire Photo
One day at the Beale apartment, Chuck decided it was funny to light his shoe sole on fire.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Artwork by Joey Cheatham from the Tom Copenhaver Collection

To all who would be reading this, it is obvious that Joey was part of the ol' gang, the very same one that housed the shenanigans of Chuck. Another of the gang, Tom Copenhaver, recently came across two pieces of Joey's artwork, a watercolor done in the late 80s, and a Xmas card made while Joey was incarcerated. That's right. A jailhouse Xmas card.

I like the wiggly lines of the arm and man's odd lumpy face.
Here, the connection to Chuck's drawings is very clear. Those floating heads look a lot like Chuck's work. I think a can of Fancy Okry (translation: "okra") is a fine Xmas present. You could heat it up and eat it up right then and there.

Thanks, Tom. Let us know if you find any more.

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